Our general conditions of sale

Article 1

This seasonal rental contract is reserved for the exclusive use of the rental of Bungalows, Mobil homes, or bare pitches of the Snow and Sun Association.
The Village Mer et Montagne is reserved for tourists in accordance with article 2 of the decree of 11.01.1993.
The Snow and Sun Association will not be held responsible for the use of its contracts by third parties or for purposes other than tourism

Article 2 – Duration of the stay

The signatory tenant of the present contract concluded for a determined duration will not be able under any circumstances to prevail himself of any right to maintain in the places at the end of the stay.

Article 3 – Conclusion of the contract

The reservation becomes
effective as soon as the tenant will have sent to the Snow and Sun Association a copy of the contract dated and signed with the two payments. The second copy is
to be kept by the tenant.
The first payment (corresponding to a deposit of 50% of the amount of the rental + 5€ of membership fee) will be cashed upon receipt. The second payment (corresponding to the balance of the rental) will be cashed 30 days before the arrival date of the tenant.
In the case of a reservation that would begin in less than 30 days, the totality of the payment will be cashed.

Article 4 – Arrivals and departures

The tenant must arrive on the agreed day and at the times mentioned on this contract. In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must inform the Association Neige et Soleil. The tenant agrees to return the keys of his structure before 10 am on the day of departure specified on the front of this contract. Any delayed departure will be charged 35€.

Article 5 – Condition of the premises

The tenant must make an inventory and check the state of cleanliness of his structure upon arrival. He will have to deposit it at the reception the day after his arrival. This inventory of fixtures is the only reference in the event of a dispute. During the stay, the cleaning of the structure is the responsibility of the tenant. On the day of departure, the Snow and Sun Association provides for the restoration of each rental. However, if the condition of the latter requires more than a normal cleaning, you will be asked to pay a supplement.

Article 6 – Security deposit

Upon arrival of the tenant, a deposit of 300€ per rental structure is required by the Association Neige et Soleil. After each departure, the inventory and the inventory of fixtures will be done by a member of the staff. Your deposit check will be destroyed or returned if
you have left a stamped envelope with your address.

Article 7 – Use of the premises

The tenant will have to ensure the peaceful character of the hiring and to make use of it in accordance with the destination of the places.

Article 8 – Capacity

The present contract is established for a maximum capacity of 6 persons per rental structure or bare pitches. If the number of tenants exceeds the planned capacity, the Snow and Sun Association will refuse the additional persons. Any modification or breach of contract will be considered at the initiative of the customer.

Article 9 – Animals

The tenant will have to indicate the presence of his animals at the time of the reservation and to pay the fee of 4€ per night and per animal at his arrival. He will also have to present at the reception the vaccination booklet and the insurance certificate for each animal.
The Snow and Sun Association reminds its clients that pets must always be kept on a leash and that daily walks are to be taken outside the Village Mer et Montagne.

Article 10 – Insurance

The tenant is required to be insured by a resort type insurance policy. He/she is responsible for all damages arising from his/her own fault.

Cancellation and refund procedures:
I. General cancellation conditions :
All cancellations must be notified by mail or email as soon as possible. No refunds will be given for cancellations after the scheduled start date. For any cancellation of stay, justified by one of the reasons stated below, 30% of the amount of the rent will be retained:
– Illness, hospitalization or accident that would result in the inability of one of the participants to travel.
– Professional obligations such as: internships, transfers, refused leaves of absence, unemployment, loss of job…
– The divorce
– The death of one of the participants, the spouse, the cohabitant, the ascendants and descendants, the brothers and sisters.

For all cancellations, except for the reasons stated above, the refund schedule will be as follows:
– Up to 61 days before arrival: 10% to be paid by the client
– Between 60 and 31 days: 20% at the customer’s expense
– Between 30 and 21 days: 30% at the customer’s expense
– Between 20 and 8 days: 50% at the customer’s expense
– Between 7 and 3 days: 75% at the customer’s expense
– Less than 3 days: 100% at the customer’s expense

II. Terms of repayment:
In order to claim a refund, the original of the certificate or attestation must reach the Mer et Montagne campsite within 15 days after the cancellation date. After this period, no refund will be made.
– No refund of the annual fee.
– A stay shortened or not consumed because of the participant, will not give rise to any refund.
– Additional sales and tourist taxes will not be refunded in case of early departure.
– Any damage or nuisance on the campsite may result in the expulsion of the person(s) responsible, without any refund of the stay.

III. Change of stay :
Change of dates: The rate for the new rental will be the same as the original rate, unless the date falls within a higher rate period. In this case, the rate for this new period will apply.
Change of structure: This will result in the application of the corresponding rate. Any change to a structure with a lower rate will not generate a refund.